г.Москва, ул. Алтайская, д.17 к.1
(495)460-19-00; 8(925)642-40-66

г.Москва, ул. Новосибирская, д.11
(495)466-97-95; 8(925)642-40-66
A) Choose the correct answer.
1I ___ a teacher.
2___ two sons.
3He ___ like basketball.
4I'm reading. What ___ doing?
5___ he go for a walk every evening?
6___ some apples in the plastic bag.
7There isn't ___ fruit in the shop.
8___ you play chess?
9What are you doing now? I ___a letter.
10Do you like ___ there?
11I ___ to Ann's party last week.
12Why ___ yesterday?
13Mike ___ to visit his parents on Sunday.
14Kate is good at maths but Jack is ___.
15Nick ___ this film.
16I've been working for "Mr. Z and Co" ___ last summer.
17I ___ on this project for two months.
18I ___ go to the "Astoria" restaurant but I don't any more.
19Mike doesn't like school and___.
20I went to the doctor's yesterday and I ___ for half an hour.
21I ___ a newspaper last night when my friend rang.
22There was a robbery at the bank and all the money ___.
23I ___ to the USA on business.
24Unless ___ hard, he'll fail the exam.
25If I were you, ___ skipping classes.
26He liked the party, ___ ?
27I tried hard ___ my visa done in time.
28When I came to my friend's, Helen ___.
29After ___ his report he was back to work.
30I ___ go away next week.
31If he ___ this before, nothing bad would have happened.
32If I had asked the way, I ___got lost.
33You ___ your homework before you came to the lesson!
34By next year she ___ a mother.
35I've called him but no one picked up the phone. He ___ out.

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